Roger Scruton, De l’urgence d’être conservateur, L’Artilleur (Editions du Toucan), Paris, 2016, traduction de How to Be a Conservative, Bloomsbury, 2014

The masterpiece by Roger Scruton, renowned English conservative philosopher, on conservatism as a philosophy.

Vous avez dit conservateur?, Editions du Cerf, Paris, 2016

An exposition and defence of conservatism as a philosophical tradition, born in Britain. A reflection on its absence in France and its potential rediscovery there, based on interviews with French thinkers.

Philippe Labrecque (éd.), Comprendre le conservatisme en quatorze entretiens, Editions Liber, Montréal, 2016

A view on conservatism in France and seen from France. One of fourteen interviews  of conservatives and experts of conservatism from Britain, the USA, and Canada – including Roger Scruton, Edward West, Theodore Dalrymple, or William Kristol.