Les hommes sont-ils obsolètes?, Fayard, Paris, 2018

An attempt to question the new role of men in contemporary societies, where technological and economic changes have undermined their power and strengthened women’s position. A worry about their worries. A plea for taking into account biological differences between men and women to explain why they take different paths in life (especially in free societies).

Roger Scruton, De l’urgence d’être conservateur, L’Artilleur (Editions du Toucan), Paris, 2016, traduction de How to Be a Conservative, Bloomsbury, London, 2014

The masterpiece by Roger Scruton, renowned English conservative philosopher, on conservatism as a philosophy.

Vous avez dit conservateur?, Editions du Cerf, Paris, 2016

An exposition and defence of conservatism as a philosophical tradition born in Britain. A reflection on its absence in France and its potential rediscovery there, based on interviews with French thinkers.

Philippe Labrecque (éd.), Comprendre le conservatisme en quatorze entretiens, Editions Liber, Montréal, 2016

A view on conservatism in France. One of fourteen interviews of conservatives and experts of conservatism from Britain, the USA, and Canada – including Roger Scruton, Edward West, Theodore Dalrymple, and William Kristol.