I am Laetitia Strauch-Bonart, a French writer and media contributor. I write on politics and ideas.

A columnist at the French weekly Le Point, I am also the editor of the newly launched Phébé by Le Point, a weekly review of the best ideas and research in the humanities, and a regular panelist on the Club 28′ on Arte.

A PhD candidate in history at Queen Mary University of London, I work on the ideas of British Conservatives on morality in the postwar period.

I was born into a family of musicians, and had the chance to be introduced very young to arts and literature. After high school, I specialized in philosophy and later in intellectual history.

My interests are various. I used to dance argentin tango and flamenco, and am still fascinated by them. I am interested in the history of art, especially Renaissance painting. I like reading English  novelists. And I practice bodybuilding and weightlifting.

I graduated from the Ecole normale supérieure Ulm in philosophy and from “Sciences Po” in public affairs, both in Paris.

I live in London with my beloved husband and daughter, and have strong roots in Paris, my birthplace.